Coed Pre-Season Prep (5 Weeks)


Pre Season Prep Sessions

The focus is on individual player development and helping you get ready for your season and or tryouts.

Skills Taught:

OffensiveProper shooting mechanics, different types of dodges, shot selection, finishing in close and the outside, field awareness shooting on the run, 2 man game, pick and rolls, deceptive shooting

Defensive: Defensive positioning, communication, footwork, throwing checks, defending from different spots on the field, individual and team defence 

GoalieProper warm-up, positioning, stance, communication, rebound control, footwork (Box and Field stations available each week)

SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness): Basic fundamentals of athletic performance, consist of short intense drills that involve quick acceleration/deceleration while moving forward/backwards and side to side.

When: Every Friday in March (March 3,10,17,24,31)


Location: Carruthers Creek

Ages: U11,U13, U15, U17

Cost$232 (Includes HST)

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