Next Level Lacrosse is dedicated to the development of the individual player and introduction of lacrosse skills. Our program at Next Level focuses on high intensity training and clinics designed to refine skills and educate players. We utilize both block and random practice planning to ensure fundamentals and thinking skills translate into not just short term gain in practice but long term player development.

Next Level Lacrosse training is for the player looking to take their game to the Next Level. All of our training and clinics are designed to support low student to instructor ratio that allows for high repetitions and instructions during individual/positional portions of our training.

At Next Level Lacrosse we focus on helping the next generation of Canadian lacrosse players to take their game to the Next Level. Our program spawned from our love of the game and our unique journeys from minor, high school and prep school to NCAA lacrosse at the Division 1 level.

We understand what it takes to become successful lacrosse players it requires a lot of practice and focused attention to fundamentals, technical skill specific drills and a lot of repetition through both Block and Random practice planning. Next Level Lacrossehas created a curriculum that focuses on position specific drills that encompass all aspects of each position and were designed by current NCAA Coaches, MLL/NLL/NCAA players and expert teachers of the game. The drills and advance curriculum were explicitly created to help each and every player take their skills to the Next Level.

We have worked passionately to create a unique, unparalleled program built to create well-rounded players. We have worked in numerous clinics, camps, and roles in both Canada and the United States learning from the best practices and teachers of the game. We have created what we feel is a truly one of a kind experience, staffed with some of Canada's most successful NCAA,International,Professional players and teachers of the game in recent years.  Constant innovation,the latest in player development techniques and our passions for your player development is what sets us apart.

Separate yourself from the competition and take your game to the Next Level!