Parents and Coaches

Being the parent or coach of a young athlete is an art, not a science.  Science is exact, and A plus B always equals C.  But sports coaching and parenting are different.  Your children are your blank canvas, and years from know, they will be the culmination of the messages they have received, the opportunities they have had, and the values they have learned by being an athlete.   Like art, in coaching and parenting there are infinite textures, colors, and styles of that all lead to the final product, and no two kids are the same.  You will have to constantly learn, to adapt, to listen, and be ready to change on the fly as you navigate your child’s athletic career, but stick with it.  Raising a young athlete can be brilliant, it can be exasperating, but ultimately it can be the most wonderful and rewarding experience of our life.

Sports is important, children need sports, and as an adult it is your responsibility to help your children find their passion in life.  This section of our site offers some tips and advice on ways to be a great coach and/or parent for your young athlete.  The information here comes from your kids, when asked what they want from sports.  It comes from experienced coaches and parents, who have successfully (and at times unsuccessfully)  navigated their way down the youth sports highway.  And it comes from the latest science and research about athletic development and parenting.  It is certainly not the be all and end all, but hopefully it gives you a good head start as you strive to ensure that athletics is a positive and rewarding experience for your child.

Be sure to also check out our Resources Section for some recommended reading and viewing from the materials I have used to supplement my thoughts, to write my books and make my videos.  I have found these coaches, speakers and teachers very helpful in my coaching and sports parenting journey, and I hope you will as well.  Good luck!

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