Bring Canada's National Summer Sport to Your Classroom

Learn Canada's National Summer Sport in a fun and safe environment supported by instructors who have spent over 10 years teaching and 20 years playing the game Internationally. 

What You Get

We bring everything that you need! 

  • Professioinal Instructors Certified in CPR and Emergency First Aid 
  • Professional Instructors with over 10 years teaching the game to all skill levels and ages.National Coaches Certification Program in Community Development and Competition Introduction
  • Use of class set of 30 lacrosse sticks
  • Soft and safe indoor no bounce Lacrosse balls
  • 2 indoor colapsable lacrosse nets
  • Full day or half day coverage of all scheduled of Gym/Physical Education classes
  • Lunch time program is also available for additional fee

What you learn and Curriculum Expectations

All the basic fundamentals of lacrosse

  • Overview of lacrosse and the games origins in Canada 
  • Scoping and trapping the ball
  • Cradling 
  • Passing and catching 
  • Shooting
  • Safe and fun competition

Curriculum Expectations

  • Physical Literacy
  • Movement Competency, Locomotion and Manipilation skills
  • Movement Cocepts of boday and spacial awareness


  • $400 for one entire day of Lacrosse instruction during all regularliy sceduled Gym/Physical Education classes*
  • $200 for half day of Lacrosse instruction during all regularliy sceduled Gym/Physical Education classes*

*Additional fee of $0.50 per KM beyond 50 KM of Ajax

*Lunch time porgram can be run at an additional cost of $50

How To Book Next Level

Please click the link below and complete the form and we will be in contact within 24 hours.

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Official Training Ball

Swax Lax is committed to offering safe, innovative lacrosse products, services, and teaching guides that encourage lacrosse players to become more self-confident as they develop their skills on and off the field. Our first product, Swax Lax Lacrosse Training Balls, offers players the opportunity to learn and practice the sport with less fear and more confidence.