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Welcome to Next Level Lacrosse, where we transform lacrosse players into skilled, passionate athletes. As a lacrosse development coach, I'm dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and organizations take their game to the Next Level.

Our diverse programs, from individual training to learn-to-play sessions and school programs, not only enhance your skills but also delve into the rich history and culture of lacrosse, sparking a conversation about Truth and Reconciliation.

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A Lacrosse Coach providing individualized coaching, assisting a young boy with a lacrosse stick.

Individualized Coaching

Our approach to individualized coaching sets us apart. We understand that each player is unique, and we tailor our training to your specific needs. This personalized approach ensures you maximize your potential on the lacrosse field.

"Adam Gardner and Next Level Lacrosse are an exciting combination for the fastest-growing sport on two feet. Next Level Lacrosse is organized and creative. It applies modern concepts of the game that challenge athletes to take risks with exciting drills, chalk talk, and stick skills. Adam offers extensive NCAA experience with a coaching character that positively influences those new and experienced in the sport of lacrosse."

— Janaye Dzikewich, Team Canada 2013, University of Louisville 2013

Young athletes engaged in lacrosse practice with lacrosse development coach in the United States.

Proven Success

Our track record speaks for itself. With over 250 athletes playing in the NCAA and 20+ players representing national teams, we have a proven history of success. When you train with us, you're not just learning the game; you're preparing for a successful lacrosse career.

"Adam has coached my son Cody for the majority of the past 5 years. Adam has a great knowledge and passion for the game of lacrosse but has an even better way of teaching and communicating that to kids. He has been my son's biggest supporter and mentor throughout his development, both on and off the field. The Next Level camps are top-notch with fantastic NCAA/Professional players coaching at each position. As a goalie, my son had the opportunity to work 1 on 1 with Dillon Ward. I can say that Adam has been a huge key in getting my son to where he is today, and I HIGHLY recommend his camps/clinics to everyone!"

— Mark Haas, Father of Cody Haas - Edge 2016, Team Ontario U18, Canisius College 2020

A group of people being trained for Lacrosse by Coach in USA

Total Skill Development

We don't just teach the basics; we delve deep into the game. From stick skills to tactical gameplay and everything in between, our training covers the entire spectrum. You'll emerge as a well-rounded player with the skills and knowledge to excel in lacrosse.

"Having a young athlete who dreams of playing the game at the highest level, Adam provides a great platform to develop the skills necessary to get there. I think it's invaluable to have exposure to coaches who know what it takes and can pass along their knowledge with passion and enthusiasm, further driving a young athlete's desire to push to get better."

— Jason Hicks, Father of Alexander Evolve Elite, Hill Academy, Clarington Gaels, Team Ontario

Next Level Lacrosse is bassed in the heart of Durham Region with sessions in Ajax and Whitby, easily accesable from all major highways.
Provides services across the GTA and Canada.

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